"I have previously worked with coaches before but did not achieve the results… Vivi, however, was very different in that she obviously took the time to prepare for each session, really listened to me, showed she really cared about my results, and always gave helpful perceptions which were very intuitive and helpful in showing me my long term beliefs that were holding me back from getting the long term relationship I truly want….This is probably the only time in my life someone was able to do this. I would highly recommend Vivi as an insightful, and intuitive professional who is well trained in her field of relationship coaching and truly cares about helping her clients."

F.F., Business Owner, Austin, TX

"Vivi is an excellent life coach who works with establishing rapport, building concrete goals and facilitating life changes and insights into blocks that limit our progress along with solutions that cause dramatic change in your life."

J.L., Executive Producer, Los Angeles, CA

"What can I say about Vivi? :-)) She's a bargain! And when relationships run thin you go looking for efficiency and value in anything you can find. Vivi is a helper, confidant, and a fresh set of dry eyes. Between tears and new beginnings —to the closure of well-worn doors. People and hearts are the hardest things to manage in this life because they mean so much to us. Our minds and our hearts dwell there and for good reason. Let Vivi help. She can do it. She did it for me. Helped me navigate. That's all I needed. Thank you sweet Vivi :-)) You helped me find a way."

E.E., Physicist, Austin, TX

"Vivi asked a lot of tough questions that you should be asking yourself. When you answer those questions you realize exactly what you need to do to better your situation. Often times I'd find myself forgetting that we were on the phone as I'd gotten so far into my own head. Just as an athlete needs his coach to guide their skills, we as people need coaching to bring out the best in us."

K.M., CEO, Austin, TX

"Vivi's coaching style is energetic, caring, and courageous. She stays in the moment with you, and opens up perspective on a situation or issue. She is effective at helping you connect the relationship of one specific topic to the whole of life."

D.F., Sales & Marketing Advisor, Washington DC

"I was fortunate that Ms. Sasaki was my life coach and would highly recommend her to those ready for purposeful living. She is professional, perceptive, driven, timely, and that push needed to jumpstart or continue a path wanted. She was very instrumental in guiding me through my self-discoveries. We worked mostly with issues in my present state; her identifying my challenges and helping me set realistic goals, while holding me accountable to reaching those milestones. One of the topics we focused on was my undiplomatic behavior towards a certain individual I hold dear. Through 4 short sessions, I was able to harness new skills to abate that behavior. My relationship with that individual has grown under the counsel of Ms. Sasaki. I appreciate all Ms. Sasaki has done for me and will be seeking Ms. Sasaki again for my next self-improvement conquest, time management."

J.T., Pharmacist, San Antonio, TX

"Within the first session, Vivi helped me to learn things about myself I never knew. Throughout every single session, there is nothing but positive energy so it makes the experience quite enjoyable. Knowing that everyone has different lifestyles and undergo different experiences, Vivi asks exactly the right questions and helped me to figure out my course of actions. It is evident she has a vast understanding of communication skills; she always listens intently and gives me feedback to help improve my mindset. While working with Vivi, I have learned about my destructive habits and how to stay away from them. She has also helped me maintain certain habits such as eating healthy, going to the gym every day, keeping schedules, etc. My biggest issue in my life is anger/procrastination and Vivi has helped me through. Within the short while of her coaching, I can see significant improvements and relatives/friends mention it all the time. The foundation of Vivi’s success is built around her passion to help people attain their goals. With her help, I can see myself moving towards the person I’ve always wanted to be."

T.S., Student, Austin, TX

"I’ve worked with two coaches and a therapist, but never felt the depth of connection as I did with you. From our first session, you hit the nail on the head and pinpointed exactly what I was struggling with in my life, both professionally and personally. You cut through the chatter and get to the point, deciphering the deeper meaning out of what I’m trying to express, and giving me the tools to find clarity and understanding. From our coaching sessions, I was able to make my own conclusions on what was the right thing to do for me. I am also thankful that you asked me the hard questions, but at the same time, didn’t provide me the answers. Although there were times I wanted someone to tell me what to do, you helped me to find that answer in myself. As a result, I was able to develop the confidence that no problem, no issue was impossible to solve or overcome."

L.V., Paralegal, Santa Ana, CA

"I am very thankful for the coaching service that I have with Vivi. I never saw a life coach before, but I was in the situation that I really needed to talk with someone to process my thinking. I felt like my thoughts are contradictory with one another and I do not know where to start. With her questions, I realized what is most important to solve; what problem to solve later; and what problem that I see as my flaws to let go. With her reasonable price, the possible time, and flexible place to meet, I really want to recommend people to see her for help before their conflicts become serious problems. The connection and relationship with her helped me to be more confident in my ability and have faith in people. Vivi's therapeutic relationship helped me to heal my broken relationships and be a better person."

M.P., MFT Intern, Round Rock, TX

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