Group Coaching

With Group Coaching, your group will be able to choose a specific issue to work on together. Each member will receive a total of 6 group sessions and a BONUS of 2 private coaching sessions to work on their individual challenges. 

Benefits of Group Coaching include:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Broader peer experiences
  • Support from friends facing similar challenges
  • Less feeling “on the spot,” allowing you more time to reflect and integrate insights
  • Gaining a system of support for on-going accountability that is necessary to create changes
  • Celebrating your successes with a supportive team

Group coaching topics currently offered:

  • Couples Intimacy

  • Relationship Tune-up

  • More Joy Less Stress in Your Relationship

Group Coaching Fees & Packages

Group coaching packages are completely customizable. Please contact me and we’ll create a package just for your group of friends!

The Group Empowerment Package (8 sessions, total of 11 coaching hours)

Package Includes:
  • Six 90-minute group coaching sessions
  • Two 60-minute one-on-one sessions per person
  • Customized relationship promoting “homework”
  • Unlimited e-mail & text message support
  • Impromptu calls as needed
Price: $333 per person for a group of five
$303 per person for a group of six
$281 per person for a group of seven
Group Size

Gather a group of friends (5 or more) and contact me to start your own group coaching session. With intimate group coaching and the support of your friends, you’ll get all the tools you need to gain confidence and control over your relationship.